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QR Code stands for "Quick Response Code". The QR codes are 2 dimensional matrix bar codes that can be read both vertically and horizontally. The codes consist of a grid of tiny squares. This allows for far more data to be encoded in a much smaller space than a conventional bar code.

QR Codes can be scanned by smartphones to automatically pull up information such as websites, phone numbers, videos, photographs, music, text, etc. The user simply takes a photo of the QR Code using the smartphone's built-in camera. The QR Code reader software in the phone decodes the data and displays the information on the screen.

For promotional products and point-of-purchase products (like countermats), QR Codes offer a way to make these items interactive. For example, the QR Code might drive visitors to your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, or a YouTube video. This allows the customer to interact with your web content, send an e-mail or dial a phone number by scanning the imprinted code from the countermat while standing at the point of purchase.

QR codes can be applied to just about any of our Hard Top Countermats and Windowmats.

QR Codes on countermats can be used to drive immediate, on-the-spot actions from your marketing materials to the digital space (Internet), at the very moment a prospect is thinking about your brand or product. It is a measurable response and the codes cost very little to create and use.

Currently, Google's Android operating system and several other smartphones come pre-loaded with scanning software that can read QR codes. Numerous apps for Apple's iPhone have been developed around this technology.

By pointing customers to a website or video link, your information becomes dynamic allowing you to change the information your customer sees at anytime. Discounts, promotions, new products, etc. can be updated on a daily bases if needed.

Incorporating Quick Response Codes into your marketing material will help your company take advantage of all the exciting possibilities this new technology offers. Let BetterCountermats.com show you how.


QR Codes on countermats offer several new marketing possibilities and allow you to engage your customers in exciting ways.

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